Meet Danielle Binns, CNP, BA



I’m a curious mom of three and a Certified Nutritionist who was determined to find a way to help my underweight, failure to thrive, very picky daughter flourish. I tried everything – chasing her around with a spoon, bribing with desserts, making just what my daughter would eat. But, after getting certified in children’s feeding, taking numerous courses, and working with thousands of families, I figured out what was missing at mealtimes!

That’s when I created a protocol for my daughter, and eventually an entire mealtime tool (formerly known as the Superpower Foods placemat). After 2 years of overwhelming responses from families sharing mealtime wins, I decided to create a new and improved version of the mat, which is now known as the Curious Cookie Mat!

I’m so thrilled to be able to share this with you, and transform your child into a curious cookie – and an adventurous eater.